Who comes to the abbey

Casual Visitors

Some folks come to see the Oka Abbey Church and the marvelous surroundings. They might stay no more than ten minutes or they may walk the grounds leisurely and spend much more time. We welcome such visitors six days a week (visits on Sundays restricted). A monk greets them at the Reception Centre, answers any questions they may have and directs them to the Church and/or the store.

There is no reservation required for such visits, nor any fee. A variety of food products, books and tapes may be purchased at the Store – except on Sunday.

Larger groups may also visit us in this manner. It is appreciated if such groups call ahead and make a reservation. There is no fee required. (See below for meals)

Day Visitors

Some folks come to spend several hours at Oka monastery for the purpose of attending Mass in the morning and spending time for prayer, meditation and/or in seeking spiritual counsel. It must be noted that there is no accommodation for meals for casual or day visitors. One small restaurant is found in the vicinity of the monastery. Otherwise, restaurants are found at Oka village (10 min. drive west of the abbey) also at St-Eustache (15 min. east) or Laval City (20 min. south-east) and of course Montreal, which is about a 45 min. drive south-east of the Monastery. (see Map)


Some men and women may wish to spend three or more nights in our Guesthouse for the purpose of a silent spiritual retreat. Rooms provided include a bed, desk and reading chair. Bed linens, towels, and soap are provided but washroom facilities are shared.

Retreatants take their meals together in a cafeteria style refectory, having a choice of observing silence or listening to soft religious music during meals.

Retreatants may attend any or all prayer services in the Abbey Church if they so desire and have a designated section in the monastic church to accommodate them. One of the monks of the Reception Centre may assist the retreatants with the order of prayer so as to facilitate their full participation.

Long Term Guests (Monastic Guest Program)

The monks of Oka Abbey offer an opportunity for men to have a longer experience of monastic life in view of studying a possible vocation to the monastic life. Participants in this program live in the monastic community for a period of time determined with the Novice Master. At the request of the participant, this period may be renewed following an evaluation by the monks. Monastic Guests are provided a room within the monastic community itself, and must participate in all the activities and obligations of the monks — from Vigils at 4:00 AM to Compline at 7:30 PM.